Sen. Rand Paul defends right-to-work states

Senator Rand Paul came to the defense of South Carolina and Governor Nikki Haley on challenging the president to answer about NLRB accusation against Boeing.

The NLRB accuses Boeing of retaliating against unionized workers in Washington state by building a production plant for its new Dreamliner plane in the right-to-work state of South Carolina.

Paul even asks if this is all politically motivated against states that are right-to-work and vote mostly Republican.

Transcript from The Hill:

“I have a question for the president. Mr. President, do you have an enemies list? Is this decision based on the fact that South Carolina appears to be a Republican state, has two Republican senators? Is this decision based on the fact that South Carolina is a right-to-work state? Are they on your enemies list?” Paul said…

“Will you now punish contractors who have given money to Republican candidates?” Paul asked.

Paul rattled off several other states, including Kentucky, Alabama and Texas, that he said could fall under the administration’s cross-hairs for voting Republican in the last election.

“Are we going to use the whole power and bully nature of government to say that business cannot be located in a state that might happen to vote Republican?” Paul said. “I find this appalling and I respectfully ask the president to immediately rescind this assault on business.”

This clip from Fox News includes Senator Paul and Senator Jim DeMint’s comments, and analysis from Dana Perino.